InterNational Travel Fellowship

Details for the year 2021

The ACRSI award for International Travelling Fellowship each year to its members. The two International Travelling Fellowship are supported by Zuventus Pharmaceuticals and the candidates have to visit UK at preselected centre by the ACRSI. We are shortlisting other sponsors which will be announced here with detail once done. An award of the Rs. One Lac per Fellowship is given to the selected candidate on successful and satisfactory completion of the Fellowship. All other expenses other than the mentioned grant would have to borne by the candidate himself/herself. A certificate and a plaque would be presented to the candidate at the annual conference on success and satisfactory completion of the Fellowship.

All members are eligible to apply. However selection is strictly done on the basis of scoring system based on FACRSI exam, other academic achievements and contribution to ACRSI.

Members should apply on prescribed form attached herewith either online or by post so as to reach the Hon Secretary before 31st July of the ongoing year for coming year Fellowship. The application should contain 4 copies along with the relevant enclosures i.e. a passing certificate of FACRSI exam, complete bio data of the candidate, other achievement and contributions made by him/her to ACRSI and teaching & research in the field of colorectal surgery and copy of the passport.

Obtaining a visa is the sole responsibility of the selected candidate. The Association is not responsible for it, although it would help by providing documents for the visa.

A committee of President, Secretary & Immediate Past President selects the candidate based on their scoring system amongst the applicant. If no suitable candidate is found for a particular year, no Fellowship would be awarded that year.

On completion of the Fellowship at the preselected centre, candidates are required to submit a completion certificate from the centre of visit along with their report of the activities held during their visit to the centre including a log book.

The Association does not take any responsibility for the delay by the company for release of the grant money or otherwise. However all efforts would be made to ensure it’s finally payment.

Selected Candidate will have pay security amount of Rs. 25000/- in the form of Cheque /DD to the Association which will be refunded after the successful completion of fellowship by the selected candidate.