ACRSI EC Election 2019-2021 Report

The election for ACRSI Executive Committee (2019-2020) was held this year. President-Elect Dr Niranjan Agarwal was the chief election officer and he was assisted by the current president Dr Ashok Kumar and Immediate Past President Dr Kumkum Singh as part of the election tribunal. Nityam e-vote Co was assigned the job to conduct electronic voting. The notification was issued on 1st June 2019 and the nomination invited from 1st June to 30th June 2019. The valid nominations were declared on 15th of July 2019 by email and the last date for withdrawal of the nomination was 31st July 2019.

There were total 16 nominations received, out of which 8 were found invalid. The Post of President-Elect, Vice President for North Zone, Vice President for West Zone were unopposed. There were no candidates for the posts of Vice President for East Zone, South Zone & Central Zone and Executive Committee for all Zones. Hence the election was conducted for the post of Secretary and Treasurer.

The e-voting started on 16th August 2019 and ended on 15th September 2019 at 11 pm. Total 655 votes were cast which is a record in ACRSI. Counting done on Sun 22nd Sep 2019 and results announced thereafter. Dr Kushal Mittal elected as Secretary and Dr Roysuneel Patankar elected as Treasurer. Unopposed elected members are: a) Dr Nisar Chowdri for the post of President-Elect, b) Dr Arshad Ahmad for the post of Vice President North Zone and c) D Prajesh Bhuta for the post of Vice President West Zone. Rest of the posts will be filled in the forthcoming AGM.