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The Association Of Colon & Rectal Surgeons Of India ACRSI

Recognition of Coloproctology as a specialty started with the zeal and enthusiasm of senior contemporary surgeons of Mumbai, who not only established department of Colon & Rectal Surgery in hospitals of Mumbai, as early as 1960, but also made efforts to bring surgeons of similar interest for sharing of thoughts and experience, in this part of the world. In the year 1968, Dr. R.K. Menda, Dr. S.J. Aptekar and Dr. I.D. Sood organized the International Seminar on the Diseases of Colo-Rectum and Anus at Taj International Hotel. The proceedings of the congress were published in a book form ÔÇťAdvances in Colo-Rectal Surgery

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Executive Committee

Dr. Nisar Chowdri

President - Srinagar

Dr. Pradeep Sharma

President Elect - Pune

Dr. Kushal Mital

Hon. Secretary - Thane

Dr. Niranjan Agarwal

Imm. Past President - Mumbai

Dr. Roy Suneel Patankar

Hon. Treasurer - Mumbai


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Members of Association of Surgeons of India who are practicing colorectal Surgery. Those who have completed acceptable training in colorectal surgery. Those who pursue research in colo-rectal surgery and related subjects.

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Those training in colorectal surgery or interested in colorectal surgery e.g. Radiologists, Pathologists, Biochemists, Anesthetists, Intesivist, etc.

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